Favorite Meaty Street-food- Tangy & Spicy Chilly Chicken!

We Indians have a different version of ‘Chinese’ that apparently first originated in the vibrant city of Kolkata. It’s called as – “Indo-chinese” cuisine! So, outside of India, if a newly-migrated Indian tells you that they are extremely fond of Chinese food, you can safely assume that they are not talking about your traditional Chinese…

Kutchi Dabeli: Spicy Indian Street-food item, a gift from Gujarat!

Dabeli is a very popular Indian street-food item which originated in the state of Gujarat, in a place called Kutch. Hence the name, Kutchi Dabeli. Even though it was first introduced in Gujarat, Dabeli is wildly enjoyed across India, especially in Maharashtrian cities of Mumbai and Pune. Funnily, I had never tasted Dabeli in my […]