Refreshing Pomegranate & Lime Mocktail!

  Hubby, a die-hard fruit lover, bought two pomegranates which turned out to be less sweet than we would have liked. Now, a pomegranate is a sacred commodity in our house as my health-freak of a better-half loves to chant to me, the benefits of this wonder fruit. It is loaded in anti-oxidants It is rich in Vitamin A, C,…

Kutchi Dabeli: Spicy Indian Street-food item, a gift from Gujarat!

Dabeli is a very popular Indian street-food item which originated in the state of Gujarat, in a place called Kutch. Hence the name, Kutchi Dabeli. Even though it was first introduced in Gujarat, Dabeli is wildly enjoyed across India, especially in Maharashtrian cities of Mumbai and Pune. Funnily, I had never tasted Dabeli in my […]