Melt-in-the-mouth Lemon Sponge Cake

It was hubby’s b’day a couple of days ago and he especially demanded a lemon flavored cake this year. He is not at all a fan of cakes with icing and rather prefers flavorful sponge cakes that he can take along to the work in his lunch-box, to enjoy munching on in the afternoon after his light meal.

Once you master baking a simple sponge cake, there is no flavor that you can’t experiment with at home. This is such a simple recipe but a huge hit because of its bursting, tangy flavors.

Give this recipe a go and enjoy!


For the cake:

1 cup flour

1 cup butter (room temperature)

3/4th cup sugar

4 eggs

1 tsp lemon extract

2-3 drops vanilla essence

1.5 teaspoon baking powder

Zest of 1 large lemon

A drop of yellow edible color (optional)

For the syrup:

2-3 tbsn sugar

1/4 cup water

3 tbsn fresh lemon juice


-Put your oven to pre-heat.

-In a bowl, mix butter and sugar and beat till sugar dissolves and butter looks white and creamy. Use a hand blender if u have one!

-In a separate bowl, beat the eggs very well. Set aside.

-Now mix some flour in the butter and sugar mixture- beat well! Then add some egg in the butter-beat well! Continue this alternate cycle till u run out of flour and eggs.

-After that, add the lemon extract, vanilla essence, color and your baking powder in batter. Fold in gently.

-Lastly, grate in your zest from the lemon directly into the batter and give it a final mix.

-Grease your baking pan with a thin layer of butter and also sprinkle some flour all over.

-Pour in the batter and bake for 30mins at 185degrees. Do not open the door to check before 20-25 minutes at all. After that, open and insert a toothpick in the middle. If it comes out clean then your cake is ready. If the middle still seems soft and uncooked, keep baking till done, checking every 5-6 minutes with the toothpick.

-Let the cake sit in warm oven for 10mins but with its door open. Do not take the cake out from the baking pan yet as we still have to add the syrup in it.

In the meantime, prepare your syrup:

-In a pan, put water and sugar and simmer on medium-low low heat. Turn off the gas when you get the syrupy, stringy consistency and add in your lime juice.

-After the syrup cools off a little, poke holes in your cake all the way to the bottom with a skewer and pour the syrup over the surface of the cake. Let it stand for 20 minutes before you slice the cake.

Your moist and tasty Lemon sponge cake is ready!




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