Creepy crawly crackers : Halloween party food

With the Indian festival of Diwali coming along with Halloween this year, my mood is pretty festive this week! We are Indians based in Dublin and every year, we terribly miss celebrating our major festivals, especially Diwali, with family and friends back in India.

This is our first year living in the Irish countryside and naturally, here the community is more close-knit and traditional than in the cities. All the houses in our locality are superbly decorated for Halloween right now and it’s a joy to go for an evening walk nowdays, just to admire peoples’ scary handiwork.

Therefore, eventhough we cannot celebrate Diwali grandly in this foreign land, we can certainly participate in the infectious Halloween mania wafting through the air right now! A festival is a festival, right? I will be carving a pumpkin for the first time in my life and also, will be trying some fun Halloween recipes for the coming long weekend!

Following is the easiest appetizer to whip up for your Halloween party. It is delicious and also looks amazing. Try it and see your kids jump with excitement when they see the scary plate for the first time.

Give it a go and enjoy!


-A pack of round, salted crackers of your choice (I used Jacob’s basil and tomato flavored ones)

-Spreadable soft cheese (I used a garlic and herb flavored one which was perfect)

-Some cherry tomatoes


-Spread a thick layer of cream cheese on your crackers.

-Cut a cherry tomato in half and scoop out the seeds and juice from both the halves carefully.

-Place one half on top of a cracker.

-Slice the other half of the cherry tomato into three slices. Cut those three slices furthermore into six with a single cut across the slices in one go.

-Take the thin slices and make the legs of the bug around your tomato on top of the cracker, three on each side.

-Prepare all the crackers this way.

-In the end, take a tooth-pick and make the bugs’ eyes with little dots of cream cheese.

-Serve and enjoy!


-You can also use olives or an other round veggies/fruit of your choice instead of the cherry tomatoes.








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