Flavorsome prawn fried rice

I am not a sea-food enthusiast! I do enjoy an occasional plate of ‘fish and chips’ but other sea delicacies are just not my thing. It was just one of those random days at the super-market when hubby saw a pack of prawns, picked it up and said “Honeyy, we gotta try this for dinner today..Pleeeasee!” Sigh! So I looked up the basics of cooking prawns on the internet and stir-fried them with lots of veggies, rice, a scrambled egg and the chinese sauces to create a form of fried-rice. It turned out to be quite delicious! Even I had a fair share of the prawn fried-rice that night.

Now this is a regular feature on our house-hold. You can add any vegetables, sauces or meat of your choice, to it. Give this recipe a go and enjoy!


Peeled and cooked prawns

Cooked Basmati rice.

Chopped garlic

Chopped carrot

Chopped bell pepper (green and red)

Chopped onions

Chopped scallion leaves

Chopped mushroom

Chopped broccoli

1 egg, scrambled with little salt and pepper

1 tbsp soya sauce

1 tbsp red chilly sauce

1 tsp vinegar

Salt and pepper to taste



*Chinese cooking is always done on high heat!*

-In a pan, heat some olive oil.

-Add carrots and let them cook halfway. You can lower the heat a bit anytime you feel that the oil has gotten too hot but mostly heat has to remain on high.

-Next, add onions and capsicum and fry till they soften a bit.

-Add rest of the veggies and fry well. We do not have to cook them completely. They have to remain crunchy.

-Add prawns, scrambled egg, salt and pepper. Be careful while putting salt as the sauces too have salt in them.

-Add rice and gently mix.

-Add the sauces and vinegar. Mix well and cook for a few minutes.

-Serve hot!





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